Come and have a look!

Post date: Jul 1, 2016 6:31:51 AM

You may have noticed that Square Corner is no longer looking like a building site and so we are finally ready to invite you in to have a look around. Check the front editorial article on page one to find out when you can pop in or arrange a visit.

We still need to finish furnishing the building, update paperwork and systems, and recruit new staff, but we are on track for Square Corner to be back in full use from September.

Square Corner is now a modern, flexible and comfortable building which we hope will inspire individuals, groups and local organisations to meet, share, learn, volunteer and work together.

Square Corner offers:


Four affordable and high quality rooms to hire


A focal point for information on local groups and services which can support you and your family in all sorts of ways


Square Corner can support you to make a difference through volunteering, helping you set up a new group or to organise an event for our community.

If you have a passion or a bright idea which you would like to share with others then get in touch. We might be able to help.