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Window display for Square Corner

posted 5 Jun 2020, 04:50 by Claire Nichols

We'd love you to get involved with our summer window display for Square Corner! Download the hot air balloon template pdf below and then use whatever craft materials you have at home to decorate a cheerful hot air balloon. It only needs to be decorated on one side and we'll attach baskets made from toilet rolls as we hang them up.   Post your completed balloons in an envelope or clear plastic slip file through Square Corner's letterbox by Sunday 14th June and we'll hang them up in the window! 

Covid 19 - Special precautions

posted 23 Apr 2020, 06:30 by Claire Nichols

Due to the need to restrict movement around the country all Church of England churches and buildings are closed for the foreseeable future. St Mary's church and Square Corner are therefore locked. 

But we are still active in worshipping God!

Despite the closure we are still worshipping God together. A written Sunday service is held  here  We are also worshipping online on Sundays at 11am. For login details of our service please email Rev Simon:

If you would like to have a chat or pray with Rev Simon over the phone please call 01884 562570 or Rev Gudrun  01884 840622

Prayer for the future of Square Corner

posted 30 Oct 2019, 02:06 by Claire Nichols

Square Corner – The future. Your views wanted!

posted 30 Oct 2019, 02:04 by Claire Nichols

Square Corner has worked well since it reopened after refurbishment, and after generous gifts from many in Uffculme within and beyond St Mary’s, in September 2016. However, the income from hiring out rooms etc has not kept pace with expenditure – there is a shortfall of about £4,000 per year. Existing grants have covered this deficit, but these grants will run out by next summer 2020. St Mary’s Parochial Church Council has been considering the way forward, and will look to be making a decision about what happens after next summer before the end of this year.

Various options are being considered – and at the moment we certainly hope to be able to keep Square Corner running in some form, as a service to the community – but we would like to hear from people in the parish what you think would be the best way forward.

If you have any views, ideas, or suggestions, please do get in touch with the Rector, Simon Talbot (, tel 562570) or our new Curate Gudrun Thomas (, tel 840622). Or the churchwardens Tony Kidd (, tel 841674) or Richard Rutty (, tel 839241) by 17th November.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Summer Holidays

posted 18 Jul 2019, 03:56 by Claire Nichols   [ updated 18 Jul 2019, 03:57 ]

It is the end of term here and school children are busy with activities week and leavers services. Most of the children's groups are having a break for the summer to give the volunteers some much needed time off.

Junior Church restarts on Sunday 8th Sept @11am in the cafe

The schools prayer group restarts Tuesday 10th Sept @ 9.15am in the cafe

Afterschool cafe restarts on Weds 11th Sept @ 3.30pm

Not all of the groups are closing though. Coffee and Chat continues to meet on Mondays and Thursday mornings from 10-11.30am throughout the summer (apart from bank holidays).As does Spanish Conversation (not bank holidays) 3.30pm to 4.30pm in Square Corner cafe.

Bears and Prayers have summer holiday sessions at Highland Terrace park, Uffculme on Friday 27th July, 16th Aug and 23rd Aug 10-11am, older siblings are welcome to join us. Please bring a picnic blanket!

Have a lovely summer! For more information about any of these groups please contact Claire Nichols :)

Recycling sweet wrappers!

posted 22 May 2019, 02:56 by Claire Nichols   [ updated 22 May 2019, 02:59 ]

More good news! Ellie's Fund can now accept the following:
  • any brand plastic chocolate and sweets pouches and bags;
  • any brand chocolate and sweets multipack outer plastic packaging;
  • any brand individual chocolate bar wrappers;
  • and any brand chocolate block wrappers.

Please take your chocolate and sweet pouches & wrappers to Square Corner - opening times 10 to 11.30 a.m. Mondays and Thursdays.

For further information: Angie Cheshire 01884 841433
Recycling for Ellie's Fund - a BTRS Charity Fund. braintumourresearchandsupport

Please nominate Square Corner

posted 14 May 2019, 04:14 by Claire Nichols   [ updated 14 May 2019, 04:15 ]

We have an opportunity to nominate Square Corner to receive a £1000 grant from Ecclesiastical Insurance. The more nominations each charity receives, the more likely it is to receive a grant – the ‘winners’ will be selected at random by Ecclesiastical. 

Only one nomination per person is allowed.

Our charity number is 1146940. The Name of the Charity will come up automatically as The Parochial Church Council of the EcclesiasticalParish [of St Mary the Virgin Uffculme]

Please do consider nominating the church to receive this award. 

The deadline for online nominations is this Friday 17 May (23:59), so the sooner you nominate the better!

When is plastic fantastic?

posted 7 May 2019, 06:47 by Claire Nichols

When it can be recycled and turned into money for research into the biggest cancer killer of children in the UK!

Working together with Uffculme Green Team, Square Corner has recently become a collection point for Ellie's Fund. Ellie’s Fund turns everyday rubbish into money for brain tumour research.

We can accept:

Any brands of crisp packets

All brands of non-savoury biscuit wrappers, all brands of crackers wrappers and all brands of cake wrappers

Not accepted: popcorn bags, crisp tubes, pretzel bags, meat snack bags.

Please note we accept only flexible packaging and not cardboard packaging as these can be recycled through the Council's kerbside recycling in your green box.

Please take your crisp packets and biscuit, crackers and cake wrappers to Square Corner - opening times 10 to 11.30 a.m. Mondays and Thursdays.

For further information: Angie Cheshire 01884 841433
Recycling for Ellie's Fund - a BTRS Charity Fund.  braintumourresearchandsupport

United Prayer Breakfast

posted 26 Apr 2019, 06:35 by Claire Nichols   [ updated 26 Apr 2019, 06:35 ]

Square Corner is hosting the United Prayer Breakfast on Saturday 4th May in the lounge from 8am til 10am. Christians from the local churches in Uffculme meet regularly to pray, share fellowship and enjoy breakfast together. All are welcome! 

For more information please contact Tony Kidd on 01884 841674

(Photo credit - photographer Patrick Fore)

Uffculme Gentle Walks

posted 23 Apr 2019, 07:28 by Claire Nichols

We are excited to announce the launch of a new walking group in the village on Thursday May 2nd. Uffculme Gentle walks are short and social walks aimed at anyone over 55 years old who is looking to become more active. 

Meeting at Uffculme Village Hall on Thursday 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th May and 6th June and ending at Square Corner's cafe for a well earned cuppa. 

Thursday 13th, 20th, 27th June and 4th,11th &18th July meeting and ending at Coldharbour Mill in Uffculme.

If you would like to find out more or take part in the walks please contact Emma at Involve office on 01884 255734.

This project is in partnership with Involve, Uffculme Walking Group, Uffculme Memory Cafe, Coldharbour Mill and Square Corner. 

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