It sounds great … but how are you going to fund it?!
We estimate that the total project cost (including things like scaffolding, site costs, legal fees and VAT) is about £240,000.

To get to this point St Mary’s Church has spent £10,000 of it’s savings on the structural design work, planning costs and some short term repair work.

Church and community fundraising
St Mary’s has set a target of raising £50,000 towards the project. The good news is that we have already received pledges of £32,000, leaving £18,000 to raise through sponsored activities, community events, or through individual donations.

Trusts and Grants
We will be applying for £190,000 from various grant making trusts who we hope will be as excited as we are about the project!

Why is the local Church supporting a Community Café space?
Square Corner is a great space to serve the local community, through coffee mornings, youth and children’s work and community events. We want to share the new facilities, and support any individuals or groups who want to make a positive difference in our community.

I’ve heard people talking about it for ages - when will the work take place?
It now depends on how quickly we raise the £240,000 target. You can monitor progress on the website www.squarecorner.org.uk

Does Uffculme need another community building?
We are really fortunate to have The Village Hall, the Magelake Parish Pavilion and the Bowling Club, but Square Corner is different. It is in a central location and offers a smaller café and small group spaces to encourage learning, sharing and serving in the local community … it’s about encouraging people to do things together and to make a difference. 

What will happen to the current programme?
We will look at options for relocating programme while the work is carried out and look forward to welcoming everyone back when it re-opens. 

I’m excited about the project and would like to talk to someone about an idea I’ve got for Square Corner … What should I do?
Brilliant … we love ideas and social action … get in contact with one of the team and we’d love to hear more!